July 18th, D 3 : rebuilding

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We had left the venturers on the evening after their testimony evening activity, we find them on 2 AM the day after

Indeed, a sudden storm forced all the inhabitants of You’re Up to fall back in emergency to the Zenith theater.

Some hours later, after a little bit of sleep for the luckiest, a long veil for the other, everybody can finally leave the Zenith, the rovers have begun the cleaning by collecting the broken tents armatures and all that will no longer be able to serve. But now it’s time for the venturers to show that they do not give up and that they will rebuild everything from scratch or not so far. And that is what they did :

But on the night : plot twist, a new storm is announced, this time the youngsters will sleep in the Zenith and the service teams in other locations to grant them a little bit more space. Once again they have to tidy all that could fly, and to unpoll the tents.

The arrival at the Zenith is easier this time, no need to hurry, everyone has his complete backpack. After all it is the first time that the muscial band Amplitude will have a concert in a Zenith (and with “sold out” reservations !)

This time, everybody will be able to sleep a bit and with far less apprehension that on the previous night. In the end, the storm has avoid us, all is positive !

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All this summarized in one minute ?

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