Roverway : Head of Contingent 2014 weekend

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During this cold weekend of November we attended the HoC and RoverReps meeting at Jambville. It’s time for you to learn about Roverway, and to discover what is behind such a meeting, 2 years before it takes place.

As a reminder, Roverway is the big European meeting of Rovers and Rangers, from 16 to 22 years old, and will be held in France in 2016. 5000 people should attend the event. The 5 associations of “Scoutisme Français” (i.e. French scouting) will be represented.

An 18 hours journey to come to Jambville

HoC and RoverReps came from all over Europe: Poland, Greece, Norway, Ireland, Portugal… A friendly and laid back atmosphere. It bodes well! And it was an English-speaking weekend. But let us calm ourselves, everyone understood each other… except the British people, their English was too good!

A co-constructed event

On Saturday, the meeting program, the organization, the financial aspect and the educational plan were discussed.

3 keywords : commitment, European citizenship and co-construction. RoverReps were there to stand for fellow Rovers and Rangers from their country. In 2015, the WOSM’s European Agora will enable the co-construction with Rovers from all over Europe.

We will not tell you more for now; it’s also a surprise, everything in its own time!


In the evening was held the festival of cultures, where each country could share their specialities, very good…or errr…less good :). The British « Marmite » fired up everyone. In the literal sense. In mouths. Polish wines and lardons were delicious. Swiss came with a brown thing that we thought was cheese… and was in fact some sort of speculoos cream.

In contingent

Eventually, the next day, after an interreligious spiritual time, a workshop about the HoC role was held. Another workshop enabled contingents to start to think about the timetable of the coming year. It was important, especially for countries whose participants will not be numerous, because they could gather in common contingents.

Oh Paris !

Lastly, the unmissable Paris tour! Delegations were impressed by the Eiffel Tower whose the top could not be seen because it was so high (or in the fog, for real :) ). A guide took the group to a quirky tour of Saint Germain des Prés. He spoke English with an accent that would make any English teacher angry.

Photo album of the weekend

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