You’re Up ! day after day

July 21st, D 6 : Living together

Today, we mix together
All day long, the units will be cut in (...)

By Blue Pingu

July 20th and 22nd, D 5&7 : living in the city and taking one’s time

A quite special article as it covers two day.
Indeed, monday and (...)

By Blue Pingu

July 19th, D 4 : back to normal

Here we are, the youngster can definitely leave the Zenith, (...)

By Blue Pingu

July 18th, D 3 : rebuilding

We had left the venturers on the evening after their testimony (...)

By Blue Pingu

You’re up!: 17 July, D2

They have arrived, they are finishing setting up camp! Let’s take (...)

By Blue Pingu, Elsa P., Lucy Knight

16 July: the red tide has arrived!

More than 15,000 Scouts and Guides from France and beyond arrived (...)

By Blue Pingu, Elsa P., Lucy Knight